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Sonia Martignon’s art practice is based in the Northern Territory. It is a practice that explores alternative ways of seeing. In her recent work, for her first Melbourne solo exhibition, Sonia reveals the unique tropical landscape of the Douglas River Esplanade, 200km south of Darwin. Sonia’s intricate landscapes and cut out wall sculptures document this Arcadian paradise, a remote, almost untouched location she has been visiting for 17 years. Her art demonstrates a belief that mankind has much to learn from nature, posing the question: what are we missing that is right in front of us, hidden in plain sight? Sonia records ideas using a visual language of graphite, acrylic and pyrogravure. Her imagery is driven by an intense curiosity with nature, landscape and mythology. She introduces the Nymph, a mythological creature that is described by multiple cultures as the caretaker of the natural world. This exhibition re-imagines the Nymph, introducing a human scale into the landscape and creating a narrative to explore the notion of co-existence with nature. This pictorial trope is intended to soothe your mind with the familiar then jar it with the notion of our animality, to make us recall that we are just another animal species.

Sonia holds a degree in Fine Art and has participated in over 20 group and curated shows. 2018 saw her have her first solo exhibition, followed in 2019 with her second solo at The Other Art Fair in Sydney. Sonia has also completed a Graduate Diploma of Education and has worked as an arts educator for the last ten years, giving up a permanent teaching position in 2017 to concentrate on a full time arts practice.

The gallery of artworks in this website represents Sonia’s practice since late 2016, initially part time, graduating to full time in 2018. Not all the artwork is available as many pieces have already been acquired. If you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces please use the contact page, your queries will be answered as soon as possible. Commissions are also welcome.

Many thanks.